Local SEO

Get More Customers with Local SEO

Small and medium sized businesses often ask themselves “How can they compete with larger brands in their area on the internet?”. Honestly, to dominate in your local market your business must utilize local search optimization (Local SEO) to stay competitive with industry giants. Kaydee Savoy can help your business compete in your area.

Put yourself in the shoes of your customers when searching for a business in Denver or Colorado Springs you don’t want search results listing from Los Angeles, CA. This is where Google comes in to play with their search algorithm. Their algorithm can keep information and search queries local to the user. Here’s little known secret Google favors local results. Therefore, it is a necessity to include local SEO on your website for visibility to your audience.

Google Local SEO Locator

Mobile Friendly

Over 3.5 billion Google searches are made every day and that number is steadying growing. Studies show over 50% of those searches are done from mobile devices. Customers are searching for directions, shopping, and looking for businesses nearby all from their phones. Mobile search automatically produces local results so being optimization for local results is very important to your business. Let our experienced team help you control your market’s local search results.

Google My Business and Local SEO Maps

25% of your Google rankings come from having a Google My Business site created for your business, this is a key component of local SEO. Companies who utilize an SEO strategy to appear in the map section of Google searches see the benefit of more traffic from qualified customers.

Geographic Specific Keywords

The days of creating a website and everyone finding your business listings are long gone. Google requires some thought to be put into how your website is visible within search queries. By taking advantage of targeting geographic-specific keywords allows your business the opportunity to compete with larger businesses. Qualified customers often use geographic-specific keywords because they’re ready to purchase a service or product.

Ultimately, Kaydee Savoy’s expert team is ready to help your business achieve its fullest potential. Your business can become a market leader in your industry by optimizing your business listings in local search engines.

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