“Great marketing works itself naturally into your brand.” – Jon Yoffe

Digital Marketing Services

Our Capabilities

We love crafting beautiful, smart, and inspired work that is focused on a business goal and their clients. We do this across multiple touchpoints to help organizations achieve their goals.

Optimize your website, so your target audience can find you locally or nationally in search engines.

  • Reputation Management
  • Link Building
  • On Page Optimization
  • Local SEO
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Metrics


Design and implement effective campaigns targeting your audience across all significant channels

  • Content Creation
  • Online Engagement
  • Platform Management
  • Ad Production
  • Ad Strategy
  • Ad Creative

Stand out with a professionally responsive custom designed website. 

  • Web Design/Development
  • UX/UI
  • Wireframing
  • Prototypes
  • Content Management Systems
  • Web Applications

Local SEO

Is your business ranking locally in Google search results?

Local SEO

Is your business ranking locally in Google’s search results for Denver, CO? To appear in local search results requires using search engine optimization (SEO) to get organic traffic to your website. This process uses techniques targeting keyword phrases to help your website rank higher in search engines.

One way to increase your visibility in front of a potential customer is by appearing in Google’s Local Map Pack. The Local Map Pack is the 3 local listings that appear at the top of page 1 of Google results. Your website appearing in this group, will bring a lot of new visitors to your website.

Still wondering “How to get your business listings to the top of Google search results? or How to be listed in the Local Map Pack?”

How we help your business grow

Google’s search algorithm uses many different factors to rank a website. One of those factors is the legitimacy of a business. Google verifies a business by checking the consistency of their (NAP) business name, address and phone across 70 major third party websites. The more your business’s NAP appears on these major sites. The more likely your business will be found in the maps section of the Google search results. Kaydee Savoy Digital Marketing helps businesses by aligning their business listings correctly with Google’s requirements to rank locally.

Something you may not know

Here’s a little-known fact: Currently less than 50% of businesses are using local SEO services, so this creates a big opportunity for your business to stand out in local searches, maps, directories, and social media.  

Does your business rank in Google’s “Local Map Pack”.  This is the 3 Pack of local listings that shows up at the very top of the Google results. Getting found in the Local Map Pack, under your targeted keyword phrases, can bring an extraordinary amount of visitors to your web site.

“So… how do I get my business listed in the Map Pack?”

Social Media Management

Strategies that creates brand awareness, boosts marketing reach, and increases ROI.

Social Media Management (SMM)

Social Media is beyond the period where its viewed as a fad. Everyone from major corporations to middle school students is spending a great deal of time on social media. Companies are marketing now on social media platforms and honestly many of them don’t know where to start. Let us manage your social media platforms. 

How we help your business grow

We help businesses find where their ideal consumer resides on social media and create unique messages designed to grab their attention. We construct custom digital marketing strategies to target your audience with messaging, high appealing images, videos, and lead generation landing pages. All these components will point back to your website.

Something you may not know

The number #1 component to being successful in the world of social media is being consistent with your content. Most are unfamiliar with the fact that audiences like consistency. Companies who have a great message combine with a consistent schedule are favored more by their audience. Also, social media allows companies to target recent website visitors for remarketing purposes by geographic location, gender, marital status, age, and financial status. This means your scheduled content can be placed in front of your ideal consumer on a consistent basis. 

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Search Engine Management

High level search engine ads designed to get in front of customers. 

Search Engine Management

Google Ads is a complicated advertising platform and is the fastest way to get to the top of Google’s 1st page. Search Engine Management (SEM) also known as pay-per-click is an effective way to quickly get in front of your customers. SEM is less expensive than television or radio and more effective with so many options for paid searches.

How we help your business grow

SEM is a high-level strategy like SEO. It can help market your business by using geographic location, gender, age, marital status, financial status, and keyword phrases specific to your industry. SEM is also a way to be very competitive, along with targeting recent visitors to your website. It also allows you to target the audience of your competitor’s website as well or those who have searched for a similar product or service on Google.

Something you may not know

We know one of the biggest frustrations in digital marketing for small businesses is Google Ads. Our Google Certified SEM experts truly understand the complexities of Google Ads, so you don’t burn through a decent sized budget within a few days. Our assigned expert concentrates only on your ads campaign and what strategies work best for your business. 

Website Design & Development

Cut through the noise with a uniquely designed website positioning your brand as leader in your market. 

Website Design & Development

Website design & development is a central component of a company’s brand. A website represents your company and grows your business in the digital world. A responsive and UX website is necessary to compete in any industry.

How we help your business grow

Kaydee Savoy helps businesses by creating responsive websites designed to prove a customer with a unique experience. 

Something you may not know

As of November 2016, Google focused its algorithm more toward mobile-compatible websites.  This became a huge factor in search rankings. Since this change in Google’s algorithm, the website should be designed to respond to mobile compatibility first than desktop. Especially, since mobile usage is higher than desktop usage. 

Beginning in 2021 user experience (UX) will be a huge factor in Google’s algorithm. Website focused on user experience will rank higher in search engine results. If Google perceives your website as subpar your rankings will be affected. Questions you should ask about your site to see if your website is responsive and providing a superior user experience:

Does your website load quickly?

Is it mobile-friendly?

Are there intrusive ads present?

Does content respond effortlessly as the page is loading?

Does it run on HTTPS?

If your answer to all of these questions isn’t yes then contact us so we can talk more about your website.

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